What is SpaceDeck?

SpaceDeck is an intuitive, streamlined user interface to manage and control the GigaSpaces environment.

Using SpaceDeck, you can define the tools to bring legacy System of Record (SoR) databases into the in-memory data grid that is the core of the GigaSpaces system.

SpaceDeck has the following features:

  • No-code functionality – the environment can be set up and monitored using the user-friendly SpaceDeck screens, without the necessity of writing or customizing code

  • Crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions for defining and running the online environment

  • A full complement of data and system monitoring tools, built into the environment

This introductory version of SpaceDeck does not cover all functionality and is intended as an introduction to the new UI and a supplement to our existing GigaSpaces Ops Manager, GigaSpaces Management Center and Web Management Console UIs. SpaceDeck is initially available for Smart DIH installations, and will be extended in future releases to eventually replace the older UIs.

Who Can Use SpaceDeck?

SpaceDeck can be used by various user types ("personas") as follows:

System Integrators – integrate data from Systems of Record into the Smart DIH, using data pipelines

Data Engineers – study the data unified in a Space using data queries. Integrate data from Systems of Record into the Smart DIH, using data pipelines

System Admins – manage day-to-day operations of the system; inspect and monitor its components

What Actions Do I Take with SpaceDeck?

Using SpaceDeck, you can define and modify which data will be pulled from the System of Record and placed in the GigaSpaces in-memory data grid or in SSD storage. This data will then be available for fast read/write access. Note that in-memory and SSD data is constantly synchronized with the SoR data.

This definition process includes defining the Data Sources (databases), specifying which tables and fields will be pulled in-memory, and includes additional options to minimize memory footprint and prioritize high-use data.

SpaceDeck is also used to monitor the GigaSpaces system, viewing transaction times and counts, spotting data bottlenecks, and ensuring the smooth 24/7 operation of the system.

What are Frequent Activities Performed Using SpaceDeck?

After you have installed the basic GigaSpaces DIH environment, here are some of the activities you can perform using SpaceDeck.

Define/Modify the Data Sources from the System or Record Define/Modify a Data Pipeline Monitor the activity of the Data Pipeline Perform SQL queries on Space/Pipeline data
Choose which databases to import into the in-memory data grid – SpaceDeck – Data Sources Choose which tables and fields to use, and decide which Spaces will contain this data – SpaceDeck – Data Pipeline – Create New Pipeline View data performance and manage the system – SpaceDeck – Data Pipeline – Monitoring Pipelines Perform SQL queriesSpaceDeck – Data Query
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