The GigaSpaces Portfolio

The GigaSpacesPortfolio — Smart Cache and Smart DIH — is based on GigaSpaces Core, which is a distributed In-Memory storage and processing engine.

GigaSpaces Core

At the core of all InsightEdge products is the GigaSpaces Core. It is essentially an in-memory data grid which is designed to support ultra-low latency and high-throughput applications that follow Space-Based Architecture design patterns.

GigaSpaces Data Grid

The data grid is based on GigaSpaces' Spring-based OpenSpaces Framework as the primary development environment, and uses the GigaSpaces Space-based runtime to deliver core middleware facilities: messaging, data caching and parallelization.

GigaSpaces supports a variety of data models, including POJO, PONO, Documents, Key/Value, Geospatial, and Full Text. Accessing the platform can be done using multiple API patterns, such as SQL, Event Processing, RPC and Remoting, Map/Reduce, Aggregators, and Transaction Management.

Data Tiers

The platform supports multiple data tiers and provides full data lifecycle management, on RAM, SSD/Flash, PMEM, Disk and external data stores.

High Availability and Persistency

Using the platform, high availability, replication and persistence are provided out-of-the-box, with Multi-Data Center Replication and Data Persistency.

Space-Based Architecture

The data grid also functions as an application server that enables applications running on the data grid to be scaled out linearly, using Space-Based Architecture (SBA) as a primary design pattern.

With SBA, applications are built out of a set of self-sufficient units, known as Processing Units (PU). These units are completely independent of each other, so that the application can scale indefinitely without increasing complexity, just by adding more units. SBA is based on the Tuple Space paradigm. SBA follows many of the principles of Service-Oriented Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture, as well as elements of grid computing.

GigaSpaces provides enterprise-grade high availability capabilities and can be scaled up and out on-line with no downtime. GigaSpaces can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, including Kubernetes and OpenShift, or using its own orchestration mechanism.

See GigaSpaces Core for more information.

Products of the GigaSpaces Portfolio

GigaSpaces Smart Cache

Smart Cache provides fast, scalable cache from any data store. It is fully SQL-99 compliant, and can connect in one click to any operational data store. Additionally it provides out-of-the-box advanced persistency options.

See GigaSpaces Smart Cache for more information.

GigaSpaces Smart DIH

Smart DIH, otherwise known as a next-generation operational data store or Digital Integration Hub (DIH), is an application architecture that aggregates multiple back-end systems of record data sources into a low-latency and scale-out, high-performance data store that can host server side applications for co-located data and processing for optimal performance.

Operations can be managed in a fully transactional interface. It also provides remote replication of data to other clusters on-prem or in the cloud.

See GigaSpaces Smart DIH  for more information.