Welcome to the Gigaspaces knowledge hub


Product Overview

Read about the features and functionality of the data grid, and about our analytics capabilities.


Getting Started

Learn how to quickly get up and running with the InsightEdge Platform, including the data grid.



Gain in-depth knowledge about our in-memory store, management tools, and more.



Learn how to leverage our data grid and analytics functionality for your data-driven business applications.

Deploy to the Cloud

Build and deploy your business applications to the cloud using Kubernetes.

Analytics APIs

Machine learning, fast analytics and more using our native Spark distribution.

Data Visualization

Connect to BI tools like Tableau for easy access and analysis.

Tiered Storage

Learn about MemoryXtend - control where your hot, warm and cold data resides.

Multi-Region Support

Benefit from out-of-the-box disaster recovery, data replication, and more.