This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

License Key

When downloading XAP from the GigaSpaces website the installation already has a bundled license key for a limited period of time, therefore for the evaluation period, there is no need to install any license key.

License Key File Validation

The XAP license key is loaded once the XAP Container or a Space instance is started. To allow the XAP runtime to load a new license key, you should recycle the process (JVM) to allow it to load the new license key. If a license key expires, GigaSpaces will throw license key validation exception the next time the GigaSpaces Container or a space instance will be started and abort the space or container initialization. It will not throw license key validation exception while the system is running.

Extending the License

If you need to extend your license key or change it, please edit the <XAP Root>\gslicense.xml file and copy the license key provided to the <licensekey> tag value.


The license key file should be placed on each machine running a GSA/GSM/GSC.

The activation license key is in the following form:


Installing new License

To install the license, insert the license string between the license key tags:

          <licensekey>Nov 16, 2020~user@XXXXXXX#PREMIUM^10.2XAPPremium%UNBOUND+UNLIMITED</licensekey>

License Key File Search path

XAP search for the license key using the following search path:

  1. JVM Classpath.
  2. Current directory
  3. system property.
  4. Using the system property. Example:
export 16, 2020~user@XXXXXXX#PREMIUM^10.2XAPPremium%UNBOUND+UNLIMITED
./ &