This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Limitations and Considerations

The following limitations and open issues apply to Quiesce Mode:

  1. The processing unit should be intact before triggering quiesce request.
  2. Though Quiesce handles processing unit restart, it is not resilient to sudden network disconnections (in XAP grid components machines) therefore it is possible that in rare conditions the quiesce request will have to be repeated manually by the user.
  3. Quiesce state changed events are propagated only to the components (beans) that are located within the processing unit context file (pu.xml), therefore custom components will not be aware of quiesce state changed events (even if the component implements QuiesceStateChangedListener).
  4. Replication of Quiesce state between primary and backup GSM is not yet supported - GSM failover may cause loosing the quiesce state of the system, in this case repeating quiesce request will also be required in order to re inform the GSM about quiesce state.