This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Multi Site WAN Replication

Multiple site replication is the ability to replicate state between different deployed spaces, where each space can be also physically located in a different geographical location (also termed a different deployment site).


The Gateway requires a separate license in addition to the GigaSpaces commercial license. Please contact GigaSpaces Customer Support for more details.

Establish data synchronization between multiple sites (spaces), usually used over the WAN.

Communication Filter
Creating filters over the network communication which goes across the WAN.

Gateway Components
Replication gateway components.

Configure replication gateway targets of a space.

Bootstrapping a site from another site across gateways.

Conflict Resolution
Multi-site replication conflict resolution and how to customize its functionality.

Changing deployment during runtime
Configuring replication gateway targets of a space.

Filtering specific data from being replicated through a gateway to another site.

Intercepting Events
Custom interceptors at the gateway which can be used to implement custom logic upon incoming replication events in a target gateway

Known Limitations
Known issues and limitations

Frequently asked questions.

Additional Resources