Upgrading the CLI

A new Command Line Interface was introduced in the InsightEdge Platform and XAP release 12.3. This CLI provides a simpler syntax and is cloud-friendly (based on the REST Manager API).

The legacy CLI is still supported, but has been deprecated as of InsightEdge Platform and XAP release 14.0 and will be removed in a future version. Customers upgrading from older product versions are encouraged to upgrade to the new CLI.

To get started with the new CLI, simply run xap --help from the product's bin folder.

Commonly Used Options

The following table lists common tasks and the commands that are used to execute them using both the old and new Command Line Interfaces. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should help you get started with migration quickly and estimate the required effort.

Task Old Command New Command
Get help gs help xap help or xap --help
Get version gs version xap version
Get information gs stats xap info
Start agent components `gs gsa start-gsm start-gsc
Stop agent components gs gsa shutdown [options] xap host kill-agent [options]
List agent components gs list [options] xap host list [options] and xap container list [options]
Deploy a space gs deploy-space [options] <space-name> xap space deploy [options] <space-name>
List spaces gs space list [options] xap space list [options] and xap space info [options] <space-name>
Query a Space gs space sql [options] xap space query [options] <space-name> <type>
Deploy a Processing Unit gs deploy [options] <pu-name-or-file> xap pu deploy [options] <pu-name> <pu-file>
Undeploy a Processing Unit gs undeploy [options] <pu-name> xap pu undeploy [options] <pu-name>
Quiesce a Processing Unit gs quiesce [options] <pu-name> xap pu quiesce [options] <pu-name>
Unquiesce a Processing Unit gs unquiesce [options] <pu-name> xap pu unquiesce [options] <pu-name>

Obsolete Commands

This section lists commands that have not been ported to the new Command Line Interface for various reasons.

Interactive Shell Commands

The old Command Line Interface supports an interactive shell mode, and as such includes a set of shell-related commands, which are currently not supported in the new CLI as it is not interactive.

  • cd
  • dir
  • pwd
  • ls
  • set
  • login

Elastic Processing Unit Commands

The Elastic Processing Unit was deprecated in version 12.1, therefore its commands were not ported to the new Command Line Interface.

  • deploy-elastic-space
  • deploy-elastic-pu
  • scale


  • pudeploy - alias for the deploy command.
  • deploy-memcached - Can be done via the deploy command.
  • deploy-rest - Can be done via the deploy command.
  • deploy-application and undeploy-application - Low usage rate, can be done via the deploy/undeploy commands and scripting.
  • jconsole - The new CLI is based on the REST protocol, so this command is misleading. Users may access the standard JConsole directly.
  • admin multicastTest - The new CLI is based on the XAP Manager, which uses unicast.