The $GS_HOME/bin folder includes the following scripts that can be used to manage and monitor service grid components and applications in runtime.

General Scripts

Script Description Open Source XAP Enterprise InsightEdge Enterprise
setenv Configure the settings for the Common Environment Variables.
setenv-overrides Use this script to override default settings in the setenv script.
gs Starts the Command Line Interface (CLI)  
gs-agent Starts the Grid Service Agent.
gs-ui Starts the GigaSpaces Management Center.
gs-webui Starts the Web Management Console.

The gs-agent script is deprecated as of version 14.0, as noted in the Release Notes. Use the gs host run-agent command in the new CLI instead.

The GigaSpaces Management Center has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Advanced Scripts

In addition to the scripts listed above, the bin folder (in the GigaSpaces commercial editions) contains additional scripts in the folder, which are only provided to maintain backwards compatibility with earlier versions of GigaSpaces products.

Script Description Open Source Enterprise
gsc Starts a Grid Service Container.
Instead of this script, start a GSC as described in Managing Containers.
gsm Starts a Grid Service Manager.
Instead of this script, start a GigaSpaces Manager as described in Managing the Grid Service Agent.
gsm_nolus Starts a Grid Service Manager without a Lookup Service.  
gs-memcached Starts a standalone, unmanaged instance of a Memcached API listener.  
lookupbrowser Used for special debug scenarios to inspect the Lookup Service.  
platform-info Prints GigaSpaces version info.
Instead of this script, use the gs versioncommand in the CLI.
pu-instance Runs a standalone Processing Unit.
Instead of this script, use the gs pu run command in the CLI.
startJiniLUS Starts a Lookup Service.  
startJiniTX_Mahalo Starts an instance of the distributed transaction manager.