Early Access

This page contains early access information for XAP 12.1, which is scheduled for release in Q1 2017. Early access builds are intended for those who wish to get involved in the development process to try out new stuff early on, and even affect the final outcome. If you have any feedback on early access features, we’d love to hear it!

If you’re just getting started with 12.1, we recommend reading What’s New page.


Early Access builds are provided as-is and should not be used in production. If your’re looking for the latest stable release, please refer to 12.0.1 - Download | XAP docs | XAP.NET docs

12.1 M22 (Mar-19-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

  • Updated Java examples’ README with instructions of working with manager
ID Type Description
XAP-13181 New Feature Add the ability to provide WriteOptions for persistent MemoryXtend space (RocksDB configuration)
XAP-13105 New Feature Upgrade Spatial4J to 0.6
XAP-13106 New Feature Upgrade Lucene to 6.4.2
XAP-13167 Bug Fix JDK 7u131, 8u121 and above which contains the new Serialization Filter Configuration feature are polluting our logs with WARNING messages

12.1 M21 (Mar-12-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

  • Added for developer experience “local” manager. Otherwise need to configure XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS env variable. gs-agent –manager-local
  • max-per-vm and max-per-machine SLAs added to REST deployment
  • Changed sequence of components in manager: LUS, ZooKeeper,GSM and REST
  • Deployment response returns fields related to schema
  • REST Increment instance removed from under-construction
ID Type Description
XAP-13178 New Feature End Of Life - GigaSpace operations with int modifiers
XAP-13020 New Feature Automatically use Consistent Active Election When Available
XAP-13019 New Feature Network Partition Protection for Service Grid
XAP-13018 New Feature Unified Management Server
XAP-13168 Bug Fix Manager folder in dump misses the manager prefix

12.1 M20 (Mar-5-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

  • Deploy via REST API is now supported.
  • Default port is 8090
  • Added SSL support (off by default, configured by system properties, validation when service grid is secured) 3rd party
  • Jetty 9.2.21.v20170120
  • XAP.NET using Java 8u111 (JRE instead of JDK)
ID Type Description
XAP-13175 Bug Fix SpaceInstance.waitForMode and SpaceInstance.getMode are not correlated
XAP-13116 New Feature Allowing true in web PUs on Jetty 9

12.1 M19 (Feb-26-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

New Manager REST operations:

GET /containers/{id}/details/jvm
GET /containers/{id}/details/transport
GET /containers/{id}/statistics/jvm
GET /containers/{id}/statistics/transport
GET /spaces/{id}/instances/{instanceId}/statistics/replication

Enhancements in Manager REST:
- Long running requests (undeploy/relocate PU, kill/restart container, etc.) can now be tracked via requests.
- Request status can now be running, successful or failed.
- Request now contains completedAt which indicated time of completion.
- Request now contains statusUrl which can be used to get additional information on progress.
- Request now contains result properties which contain additional information on execution.

12.1 M18 (Feb-19-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13122 Bug Fix Backwards compatibility issue in deployment of elastic space

12.1 M17 (Feb-09-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13144 New Feature Enhanced gs-agent to support ‘–’ syntax prefix in addition to old ‘gsa.’ prefix
XAP-13155 Known Issue NPE is thrown if number of backups is not specified in space-instance.(sh/bat)

12.1 M16 (Feb-02-2017)

12.1 M15 (Jan-29-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

Early access REST administration API

12.1 M14 (Jan-22-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13132 New Feature Verbose System Report

12.1 M13 (Jan-16-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13023 New Feature User-defined query for initial Load in MemoryXtend

12.1 M12 (Jan-9-2017)

12.1 M11 (Jan-2-2017)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13111 New Feature Add –zero-defaults or -z flag to gs-agent

12.1 M10 (Dec-26-2016)

12.1 M9 (Dec-19-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13097 New Feature Implement SSL for web-ui command line
XAP-13100 New Feature Add protective mode which prevents ambiguity when query routing is different from the template

12.1 M8 (Dec-11-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13095 Bug Pending provision requests are not always dispatched according to their natural ordering
XAP-13098 New Feature Support code change for custom change

12.1 M7 (Dec-4-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-12789 Bug Instance is not deployed due to pending for termination of previous instance
XAP-13033 New Feature Support reloading space tasks code without restarting the space

12.1 M6 (Nov-26-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13032 Sub-task Fix circular ref error
XAP-13033 Sub-task MAdd weight notion to replication

12.1 M5 (Nov-21-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13045 Sub-task Manage weight by target - consider optimizing or naively calculate weight for range of packets

12.1 M4 (Nov-13-2016)

12.1 M3 (Nov-6-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13013 Bug Duplicated class ‘SpaceCacheConfig’ in 12.0
XAP-12279 Bug Can’t override pu.properties with external file while deploying war when specifying ContextLoaderListener in web.xml

12.1 M2 (Oct-27-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-13017 Bug Space failover might take an extended period of time (above 60 sec)
XAP-13008 Bug “java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation” when deploying hola-mundo in commercial edition

12.1 M1 (Oct-20-2016)

Milestone Release Notes

ID Type Description
XAP-12988 Feature Enhance dump to optionally collect non-live processes as well
XAP-13003 Bug EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS is ignored in gs-webui scripts