Early Access

This page contains early access information for the InsightEdge Platform and XAP data grid version 14.5.0, which is scheduled for release at the end of Q2 2019. Early access builds are intended for those who want to get involved in the development process and try out new features and functionality early on, and even affect the final outcome. If you have any feedback on early access features, we’d love to hear it!

Early access builds are provided as is, and should not be used in production. The latest stable release is version 14.0.1.
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15.0.0 M8 (Aug-12-2019)


Features and Enhancements

  • GS-13887: Kubernetes network policy enhancement to enable data operations from remote clients via a public IP/port.
  • GS-13881: Added Lucene support for collections in full text search.
  • GS-13883: Enhance InsightEdge JDBC driver to optionally get schema from an alternative URL instead of from a Space.
  • GS-13683: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.19.
  • GS-13816: Improve SQL query performance when distinct keyword is used.
  • GS-13696: User-defined SQL functions now support setting parameters.
  • GS-13893: Added the CONTAINS_KEY built-in SQL function that checks if a map contains a key.
  • GS-12362: The GS Agent only monitors (and restarts) components that were started successfully.
  • GS-13891: Upgrade RocksDB to 6.0.1.
  • GS-13879: Upgrade Hibernate to 5.2.
  • GS-13868: Added support in AnalyticsXtreme for Hive partitioned tables.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13894: GS Agent components don’t terminate when the parent process is no longer alive.
  • GS-13863: Full recovery failed when using a FIFO group.
  • GS-13207: Polling container didn’t have a graceful shutdown when using a DynamicEventTemplate in combination with a SQL query.
  • GS-13812: Full recovery does not preserve the FIFO grouping order.