What's New in GigaSpaces Version 16.2.1

Release Date: November-08-2022

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 16.2.1.


Introducing SpaceDeck

The new introductory version of the SpaceDeck User Interface is now available for Smart DIH users.

SpaceDeck is the ultimate command and control center for the Digital Integration Hub. Secure and fast data ops solution democratizes your data!

This introductory version does not cover all functionality and is intended as an introduction to the new UI and a supplement to our existing GigaSpaces Ops Manager, GigaSpaces Management Center and Web Management Console UIs. SpaceDeck is initially available for SmartDIH installations, and will be extended in future releases to eventually replace the older UIs.

This introductory implementation of SpaceDeck includes the following features:

  • Spaces: display status, resource usage and error analysis of Spaces and related partitions.

  • Data Sources: specify the data source that will be used to provide data in a data pipeline.

    Data Pipeline: display data pipeline details such as source table in the System of Record, resulting Object in GigaSpaces, and parameters of the data connection. Also allows quick one-click creation of new data pipelines.

  • Data Query: Querying the data using SQL commands, supporting full ANSI SQL-99 syntax.

Data Pipeline/Data Integration Enhancements

SQL Enhancements