SpaceDeck – Data Pipelines Overview

Data Pipelines are flexible, configurable, no-code components that gather data from a mix of System of Record databases and tables. This data is loaded into the extremely high speed GigaSpaces data grid, where it can be accessed on a read/write basis.

Data Pipelines - Main Screen

The Data Pipeline main screen shows the status of the existing data pipelines. You can see details of a pipeline by clicking on its name in the list.


Data Pipelines - Main Screen - Fields

Field Names:

  • Group by Status – toggle to show the pipelines grouped status

  • Create New + – click this to configure a new pipeline. See SpaceDeck – Data Pipeline – Create New Pipeline for instructions on how to define a new pipeline.

  • NAME – name assigned to the pipeline

    The Pipeline name has no naming limitations

  • STATUS – one of the following conditions: started/stopped/not starting/restarting/not found


For more information:

SpaceDeck – Data Pipeline – Create New Pipeline

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