SpaceDeck – Data Pipelines – Details

Data Pipelines Details

Click the Pipeline name to view additional details of the pipeline.


Three tabs are available: Monitoring, Tables, and Configuration:


View Pipelines Details – Monitoring Tab

The Monitoring tab shows a variety of real-time pipeline metrics.

Monitoring - Ops/Sec over time

  1. Monitoring time select drop-down – Select the time-frame for the tables showing various statistics.

  2. Ops/Sec over time – The average number of operations per second.

  3. Extra Details – By clicking on the graph, additional details are displayed.


There is also additional monitoring available which displays any Errors over time

Errors over time – The average number of errors per second

View Pipeline Details – Tables Tab

The Tables pipeline tab shows details of the object types in the pipeline.

Fields in the Tables Tab

  • SOURCE_TABLE – The name of the source table in the System of Record. This will be the same as the Object Type field, unless you changed the Object Type name when you defined the pipeline.

  • APPLIED TRANSFORMATIONS - Lists any Transformations that have been applied to the table

  • DAILY ERRORS – The number of daily CRUD operations with errors performed on the table

  • LAST UPDATED – The date that the pipeline configuration was created or updated

Viewing Space Type Details

Click the Space type name to see details of the table.

Properties Details

The Property tab appears as follows:

  • Name – Name of the object property (column)

  • Type – Data type of the object property

  • Transformations -Displays the transformations performed on the specific table

Indexes Details

The Indexes tab appears as follows:

  • NAME – Name of the index

  • TYPE – Index type

  • PROPERTIES – The object properties that comprise the index

  • UNIQUE – Indicates if unique or non-unique values are allowed for the index

Transformations Details

The Indexes tab appears as follows:

  • Transformation Name – Name the Transformation

  • Transformation Type – Type of Transformation

  • Transformation – The Transformation applied

View Pipelines Details – Configuration

The Configuration tab shows pipeline configuration information. The data is read-only when the pipeline is running.

If a Pipeline has been configured but it has not been started yet (i.e. Inactive state), it can be also be started from here by clicking Start Pipeline

If the Pipeline has been started (i.e. running state) then it can be also stopped from here by clicking Stop Pipeline.

For information about Pipeline configuration refer to SpaceDeck – Data Pipeline – Create New Pipeline