What's New in GigaSpaces Version 16.2

Release Date: August-31-2022

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 16.2.


This version is early access, and there are currently no new features.

Introducing SpaceDeck

The new introductory version of the SpaceDeck User Interface is now available for Smart DIH users. This implementation of SpaceDeck includes the following features:

  • Space management and monitoring

  • Data pipeline monitoring and management

  • SQL queries


Data Pipeline Improvements

  • IBM Infosphere Data Replication (IIDR) is available as an out-of-the-box connector engine for data pipeline.

  • Additional support is provided for data pipelines includes DB2 on IBM z/OS mainframe, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL.


Kubernetes Support for Zoned Anti-Affinity

  • Specify that the primary and backup partitions will not run in the same zone.


Tiered Storage Improvements

  • Multiple Criteria Support: Tiered Storage criteria now supports multiple AND/OR expressions.

  • Support for local transactions provides atomic operations using Tiered Storage.


JDBC Driver Support for Tableau

  • Ability to use the Tableau-supplied JDBC driver to unl;ock features of Tableau.




Third-Party Integration Updates

  • Hibernate has been updated to version 5.6.7.