This section lists the changes that were made in InsightEdge Platform 14.2.x. This version is early access, so the documentation is in draft form and subject to change.


Features and Enhancements

  • GS-13662: Added AnalyticsXtreme feature for data lake acceleration.
  • GS-13806: SparkSessionFactory class for creating Spark sessions within Processing Units.
  • GS-13705: Upgrade Apache Spark version to 2.4.0.
  • GS-13795: Upgrade Apache ZooKeeper to 3.4.13.
  • GS-13768: Decouple the Hibernate integration and put in a separate module.
  • GS-13793: When killing a process in Microsoft Windows, automatically kill any child processes recursively.
  • GS-13761: Parse Java version more generically to support future releases (>11).
  • GS-13792: Auto-disable Sigar on Windows when Java version is 9 or higher.
  • GS-13790: Remove Java distribution from XAP.NET package.
  • GS-13785: Improved the PU resource upload REST call to include the resource URL in the response body.
  • GS-13786: Added a new CLI command to upload a Processing Unit resource.
  • GS-13776: Added ability to disable caching of the change path for the Change API.
  • GS-13784: The Apache Zeppelin Shell interpreter is now packaged with InsightEdge.
  • GS-13774: New CLI now supports using a properties file to configure the Processing Unit properties.
  • GS-13772: Upgrade Apache Zeppelin to 0.8.1.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13810: Fixed scripts (build-jdbc-client.cmd/sh) that build the JDBC client uber-jar (insightedge-jdbc-client.jar).
  • GS-13799: Wrong host CPU and memory usage values displayed in the GigaSpaces Management Center and Web Management Console when the Sigar library is missing.
  • GS-13781: Java vendor parsing failed on StringIndexOutOfBoundsException with AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.
  • GS-13714: Executing a SQL query with a function on an indexed field returned incorrect results.
  • GS-13777: In rare circumstances, a Processing Unit remains in UNDEPLOYED state although all instances have terminated.
  • GS-13741: Aggregation operation ignores transactions.
  • GS-13604: Change API ignores the 'AND' in SQL queries on SpaceDocument objects when one of the conditions is the SpaceId property.
  • GS-13783: XAP Manager relinquish leadership event is delayed by remote call.

The complete list of changes is also available in Jira.