This section lists the changes that were made to GigaSpaces products for 15.5.x.


Features and Enhancements

  • GS-14178: Service horizontal scale in Elastic Grid
  • GS-14177: Service vertical scale in Elastic Grid
  • GS-14170: Deploy/Undeploy Processing Units in ElasticGrid
  • GS-14199: Enhance InsightEdge JDBC driver to properly report catalog support
  • GS-14166: Add ability to deploy Processing Unit using the Ops Manager
  • GS-14180: Add ability to undeploy Processing Units using the Ops Manager
  • GS-14182: Add ability to run SQL Query with explain plan using the Ops Manager
  • GS-14157: Simplify Spring security integration
  • GS-14189: Add MongoDB as a built-in service for ElasticGrid
  • GS-14188: Support for @Repeatable meta-annotation
  • GS-14168: Improve performance of storing reported metrics to hsqldb
  • GS-14165: Support Compound Index from data connectivity
  • GS-14154: New REST API for vertical scaling of a service for ElasticGrid and Kubernetes
  • GS-14160: On-demand service scale with multiple partitions using Ops Manager with Kubernetes
  • GS-14163: View log of Service instance in Ops Manager
  • GS-14079: Dynamically scale in/out a Space partition
  • GS-14169: GSCTL as REST Service
  • GS-14175: Add new CLI command for vertical scaling of a service for ElasticGrid and Kubernetes
  • GS-14167: Set index type and edit existing index in data connectivity view
  • GS-14114: Volume support for services persistence for ElasticGrid
  • GS-14100: Heap size report in Ops Manager
  • GS-14131: On-demand single partition vertical scale in Ops Manager for ElasticGrid and Kubernetes
  • GS-14143: Enhance data connectivity to support tables with multiple column primary keys
  • GS-14161: Custom roles for in-memory Spring security configuration
  • GS-14155: Service To service continuous data transfer
  • GS-14159: Allow configuring Jetty's request header size
  • GS-14156: Session cookies for GigaSpaces web-based tools are now unique
  • GS-14141: Enhance mirror service with Apache Kafka
  • GS-14148: Add option for auto revert on vertical scale in Kubernetes
  • GS-14151: Start ElasticGrid cluster with security
  • GS-14130: Show index hits in Ops Manager
  • GS-14123: TDVT – Update dialect, connection string and utils for Tableau JDBC connector
  • GS-14122: Start ElasticGrid cluster with TLS enabled
  • GS-14139: Secure Ops Manager with authentication
  • GS-14133: Allow to predefine data sources for Ops Manager
  • GS-14132: Automatically select optimal iterator type for embedded/remote space
  • GS-14125: Report and display data type index hits in Grafana
  • GS-14105: Allow duplicate UIDs in single writeMultiple on InsightEdge w/RocksDB
  • GS-14126: Enhance QueryCache to log a warning when cache is full
  • GS-14111: Upgrade Nomad from 0.10.1 to 0.11.2 and Consul from 1.6.1 to 1.7.3
  • GS-14104: Adding support for IAM role binding to an EC2 instance
  • GS-14085: Expose instances log in Ops Manager
  • GS-14077: Improved performance using getLastStatistics instead of getStatistics
  • GS-14119: Optimize shortest-index selection to speed up query execution
  • GS-14214: Data-connectivity support for Oracle and PostgreSQL

Resolved Issues

  • GS-14088: Add support in data-connectivity for database tables with an auto-generated ID column
  • GS-14179: Error creating bean specified in LDAP Spring security configuration file
  • GS-14145: Override metrics DB port using system property
  • GS-14135: Select shortest index for known and unknown sizes
  • GS-14144: Explain plan shows unusable index as selected for matching
  • GS-14121: Configure amount of time to block on a read call from socket
  • GS-14117: The 'pu run' and 'space run' CLI commands fail when Java 11 is used
  • GS-14112: Space Iterator of type CURSOR returns empty results with super type queries
  • GS-14109: After a network reconnect a pending instance might be discarded and not monitored for liveness
  • GS-14096: Failing validation phase couldn't destroy the cluster and its dynamic resources on AWS mode
  • GS-14091: Destroy terminates all instances related to the vpc provided by the user
  • GS-14083: When there is a dash in the space name, the Object type drill down does not work

Known Issues

  • GS-14215: Edge case when the deployment of a service failed and the job will remain in Nomad
  • GS-14206: Oshi cause permanent WMI requests from XAP processes that are leading to a high CPU consumption
  • GS-14206: Tableau 2020.02 (or later) support requires disabling custom load.


The complete list of changes is also available in Jira.