This section lists the changes that were made to GigaSpaces products for 16.0.x.

There are no features and enhancements at this time.



Features and Enhancements

  • GS-14520: Improve array creation for user-defined types using bytecode generation
  • GS-14531: Remove user home dir usage
  • GS-14519: Cursor iterator supports LRU space
  • GS-14506: Improve performance of auto-generated default factory
  • GS-14508: Add SmartExternalizable interface to optimize serialization
  • GS-14515: Upgrade Spring Security to 5.5.0
  • GS-14514: Upgrade Spring to 5.3.7
  • GS-14510: Enable/disable transport version detection via environment variable or system property
  • GS-14509: Improve platform version comparison
  • GS-14517: Generate wrapper classes from the UI
  • GS-14463: Kubernetes increase liveness probe values
  • GS-14497: Add environment variables for common LRMI settings
  • GS-14496: Change default LRMI port from 0 to 8200-8299
  • GS-14492: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.40
  • GS-14487: Enhance Java version parsing to support early access builds
  • GS-14486: Add user name to system report in beginning of log
  • GS-14473: Upgrade hsqldb version from 2.3.2 to 2.5.2
  • GS-14474: Support running Docker and Kubernetes as non-root user
  • GS-14478: Improve Space clear with null template when Space contains broadcast table
  • GS-14475: Support loading "" from url
  • GS-14476: Support loading "java.util.logging.config.file" from url
  • GS-14477: Support loading "com.gigaspaces.metrics.config" from url
  • GS-14429: Issue with deploying Manager to multiple namespace in K8s (GS-15.8)
  • GS-14415: Match performance of read/takeByIds with a single Id to that of read/takeById API
  • GS-14389: Move heap report to zookeeper
  • GS-14391: Upgrade Spring Security to 5.4.2
  • GS-14390: Upgrade Spring to 5.2.12
  • GS-14387: End of Life - Sigar integration

Resolved Issues

  • GS-14551: REST V2 - Fix REST-API for getting requests info
  • GS-14540: Fail to start local view inside Kubernetes cluster
  • GS-14539: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "∞"
  • GS-14537: java.sql.SQLException: Statement is invalid while deleting rows from tables - hsqldb version must be changed back to 2.3.2
  • GS-14518: ClassCastException thrown when select query with wrong date/time format executed on indexed date/time class variable
  • GS-14479: Unable to change zookeeper clientPort
  • GS-14465: Allow to configure security in Kubernetes
  • GS-14458: First-app example missing slf4j dependency
  • GS-14460: Concurrent modification bug in system task
  • GS-14409: Can't connect to a secured space using Ops Manager, or to query data in the rest API
  • GS-14421: Quiesce Mode during fail over is not resolved even after the curator client already reports RECONNECTED
  • GS-14438: Default Cursor iterator does not support LRU space
  • GS-14435: Default Cursor iterator does not support local view
  • GS-14450: NPE running cursor iterator in DEBUG log level
  • GS-14399: Upgrade from 14.5 to 15.x - ClusterInfo.getInstanceId() is wrong in some conditions
  • GS-14442: "Templating dataTypeName" error in Grafana v7.4.1 when displaying Space Object Type Index Metrics
  • GS-14442: "Templating dataTypeName" error in Grafana v7.4.1 when displaying Space Object Type Index Metrics
  • GS-14427: Kubernetes operator - Pass LRMI properties to PU
  • GS-14426: Kubernetes operator - Pass license to Kubernetes manager
  • GS-14423: Replace null values with "N/A" to avoid write failure In Constructor OSVendorDetails caused by Oshi version not supporting MacOs version
  • GS-14422: Block unauthorized features in REST and Ops-UI
  • GS-14417: REST: Path variable with dot (.) is truncated in URL
  • GS-14388: Upgrade from 12.3 to 15.5.1 log regression — unable to create log per PU using slf4j logger api and Log4j configuration
  • GS-14404: Service Dump does not complete if an exception is thrown during operation
  • GS-14406: Add scroll bar for data types and indexes table
  • GS-14396: Query time shown in OpsManager is incorrect
  • GS-14400: Scale operation on single Space should not be allowed
  • GS-14401: Service card is green despite number of actual instances greater than planned
  • GS-14395: Logging mismatch between context and log name
  • GS-14398: Kubernetes scale up doesn't allow scale up/down right after first scale without changing the last values (OPS-UI)
  • GS-14393: OPS-UI: NPE while writing to single space
  • GS-14394: Deploying/undeploying a space succeeds but returns an operation timeout in the CLI
  • GS-14392: Operation fails when scale up/down in Kubernetes is performed with same existing resource (Memory/CPU) values
  • GS-14386: Zeppelin Notebook and Spark examples use the same case class

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.



The complete list of changes is also available in Jira.