This section lists the changes that were made to GigaSpaces products for 16.2.1.


Resolved Issues

  • GS-14006: Aggregate causes a NPE when type definition is missing in one of the partitions
  • GS-14825: Object should not remain locked when related transaction throws exception in commit
  • GS-14848: Unable to replicate to mirror due to regex pattern syntax exception after upgrade
  • GS-14882: Memory leak and OOM due to incomplete AdminAPI Cleanup
  • GS-14883: Upgrade Spring & Spring security to 5.3.22 and 5.6.2 or higher
  • GS-14889: LUS memory consumption increases when using Spring Boot Space PU

Known Issues

  • GS-14868: Problems deploying WAN Gateway after upgrade to 16.x
  • GS-14742: smart-externalizable classcastexception when PUs share a GSC
  • As explained in the Jiras, these issues can be addressed by specifying the parameter

  • GS-14893: Hibernate integration - fail to fetch eagerly collection with 5.6.7 hibernate version