Monitoring General Physical Resources

Use the Hosts view to monitor the physical resources of your cluster. These include the hosts and virtual machines. Please refer to the image below and the call-outs in it for more details.



Click the segment.png icon on the right side of the window to perform maintenance operations and modify specific settings on individual components.


Display control

  • You can filter which components you want to display
  • You can also control the ordering of each column in the display.


Display Logs

For each component you can view the log information. It is possible to filter the logs and search them.



The icons in the table below represent specific elements of the infrastructure.

Icon Description
segment.png Host
segment.png Agent
segment.png GSM
segment.png LUS
segment.png GSC
segment.png Processing Unit
segment.png Space
segment.png Stateful PU
segment.png Stateless PU
segment.png ESM
segment.png Mirror Service
segment.png Web application
segment.png Gateway
segment.png WAN