The InsightEdge Platform and GigaSpaces can be deployed on-premise, in cloud environments, or in a hybrid environment. GigaSpaces supports a number of deployment and orchestration options to suit every organization's specific business needs.

The GigaSpaces Service Grid

The original GigaSpaces runtime environment is the Service Grid. This orchestration method is responsible for materializing the configuration of the Processing Units, provisioning the instances to the runtime infrastructure, and making sure they continue to run properly over time. Core components of the Service Grid include the Grid Service Manager, Grid Service Agent, and the GigaSpaces Manager.


GigaSpaces products can be deployed on the Service Grid using Docker images that are available online through Docker Hub. Using Docker simplifies environment setup on-premise as well as moving to the cloud, because all the major cloud vendors support Docker. The following Docker images are available on Docker Hub (each Docker image provides instructions on how to use it):


InsightEdge and the GigaSpaces data grid support the Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes can be used in any type of environment (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid) and is supported by every major cloud provider, including public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP and others. Benefits of using the Kubernetes orchestration platform include:

  • The ability to deploy GigaSpaces-based applications in whatever environment best suits the business needs of the enterprise.
  • Kubernetes synergizes with InsightEdge and the GigaSpaces data grid, simplifying the operationalizing of machine learning and transactional processing at scale.
  • InsightEdge and the GigaSpaces data grid utilize key features of Kubernetes, such as cloud-native orchestration automation with self-healing, cooperative multi-tenancy, and RBAC authorization.
  • Auto-deployment of data services and deep learning and machine learning frameworks, such as Apache Spark jobs, stateful services (Processing Units), as well as the Apache Zeppelin web notebook.


Cloud environments are scalable, reliable, and highly available, as well as highly cost effective. You can deploy the InsightEdge platform from cloud marketplaces such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, enabling you to easily test, buy and deploy without having to commit to owning and maintaining an on-premise infrastructure.