GigaSpaces Management Center (GS-UI)

The GigaSpaces Management Center has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


The GigaSpaces Management Center is a user interface that allows you to do the following:

Using the GigaSpaces Management Center in Production and Large-Scale Environments

We recommend running the GigaSpaces Management Center on the same network subnet where the GigaSpaces data grid and other GigaSpaces runtime components are running. The GigaSpaces Management Center communicates with the data grid, GSCs, GSMClosed Grid Service Manager. This is is a service grid component that manages a set of Grid Service Containers (GSCs). A GSM has an API for deploying/undeploying Processing Units. When a GSM is instructed to deploy a Processing Unit, it finds an appropriate, available GSC and tells that GSC to run an instance of that Processing Unit. It then continuously monitors that Processing Unit instance to verify that it is alive, and that the SLA is not breached., GSAClosed Grid Service Agent. This is a process manager that can spawn and manage Service Grid processes (Operating System level processes) such as The Grid Service Manager, The Grid Service Container, and The Lookup Service. Typically, the GSA is started with the hosting machine's startup. Using the agent, you can bootstrap the entire cluster very easily, and start and stop additional GSCs, GSMs and lookup services at will., and LUSClosed Lookup Service. This service provides a mechanism for services to discover each other. Each service can query the lookup service for other services, and register itself in the lookup service so other services may find it. continuously, so it should have fast connectivity with these components. High-latency connectivity will affect the responsiveness of the interface and its initial bootstrap time. In production environments, use a remote desktop products such as VNC or No Machine. Run the GigaSpaces Management Center on the same network subnet as the data grid and the other GigaSpaces runtime components, and run the remote access application on the client side to access the remote machines desktop from the administrator machine desktop.

With relatively large amount of GSCs, Services or data grid partitions (over 20 units), we also recommend increasing the heap size of the GigaSpaces Management Center to 1G (-Xmx1g).