Viewing Transaction Details

This functionality is not yet available in the Command Line Interface or REST Manager API administration tools.

To view the transaction details:

Transaction information is only available for Space instances that are in primary mode.

  1. In the Spaces view, highlight the Space or Space instance for which you want to see the transaction details.

  2. Display the Transaction pane in the lower area of the view.

  3. You can view the following transaction information:

    • Per Space or Space instance:

      Item Description
      ID ID of the transaction.
      Type Transaction type.
      Status Transaction status.
      Start Time Time the transaction started.
      End Time Time the transaction completed.
      Timeout Length of time after which the transaction expires.
      Locked Objects Number of locked data objects in the transaction.
    • Per individual transaction (when drilling down), when a transaction is blocked:

      Item Description
      UID ID of the data entry in the Space that is blocked.
      Class Name Type of data entry.
      Operation Code Data operation that was being performed when the transaction became blocked.
      Lock Type Type of lock on the transaction.

Refer to the Admin API topics in the Developer Guide.