Querying a Space

This functionality is not currently available in the Command Line Interface, REST Manager API, or Administration API.

The Web Management Console and GigaSpaces Management Center support SQL queries, enabling users to perform actions on the data objects in the Space. For example, to query a specific class:

SELECT * FROM my.company.com.MyPojo WHERE rownum < 1000

To query a Space:

  1. In the Spaces Overview page, click a Space to drill down to the Space details.
  2. Click the SQL Editor tab.
  3. Modify the SQL query as necessary, and click Run Query. The time it took the query to complete is shown below the query area, and the results are displayed in the Results area.
  1. In the Spaces view, highlight the Space or the Space instance you want to query.

  2. Display the Queries pane in the lower area of the view.

  3. Type a query, or click a data type from the Types pane.

  4. Click Execute Query.

    The query is executed against the selected Space or Space instance. If there are too many results to display on a single web page, you can navigate using the paging controls at the bottom of the table. Paging is static (results are fetched once per execute request).

  5. If you have tried to run multiple queries, you can navigate between them using the Go Back/Go Forward buttons, or select a query from the dropdown lists next to these buttons.

  6. To export the results of a query:

    1. Click Export.

    2. Select an action (Open, Save, or Cancel).

    The results are exported in a zipped CSV file.

Refer to the GigaSpaces Management Center topics in the Administration section.