Intelligent Data Tiering

As the data requirements for your applications increase, you may reach a point where you must make a smart decision how to tier your data storage -- which data should be in rapid-access RAM, and which data can be stored in lower cost media.

GigaSpaces provides several ways to manage the automatic data life cycle for multiple storage tiers, so you can balance your storage media costs and required performance for different data that you wish to store and process.

How Do We Decide Which Data is Most Important?

This decision — which data must be in RAM and which data can reside in lower tiers — can be based on several criteria:

  • Required SLA

  • Frequency of access/data aging

  • Frequency of change (mutability)

  • Relative importance for business purposes

GigaSpaces provides several tiering solutions that provide a balance between performance and cost of operations:


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