What's New in GigaSpaces Version 16.1

Release Date: November-16-2021

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 16.1.



Data Integration

Data Integration allows data to be loaded and continuously updated in the GigaSpaces data grid using easily-defined, reusable Data Pipelines that require no user code. Data Integration can access CDC-based connectors. This version introduces data integration from DB2 running on Z/OS.

Data Integration metrics according to your system configuration show data activity, including data volumes and statistics and any data validation errors or other access errors.


SQL Optimization and Enhancements

Enhanced SQL support provides extensive features for data queries. The initial implementation supports data integration from DB2 running on Z/OS.


Native Kubernetes Deployment

GigaSpaces has implemented the Kubernetes Custom Resources Definition (CRD) feature to allow use of the standard kubectl command to manage GigaSpaces resources. kubectl can now be used to deploy and manage GigaSpaces Spaces and GigaSpaces services.


Dot Net Core Support

GigaSpaces now introduces the new Dot Net Core, while preserving backward compatibility for Dot Net Framework. Applications using Dot Net Core and Dot Net Framework can run in parallel, allowing for easier migration to the newer framework.


Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

The following functionality is deprecated as of this release:

  • Helm 2