What's New in GigaSpaces Version 14.0

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 14.0.



Kubernetes Integration

The InsightEdge Platform and the GigaSpaces data grid both support the Kubernetes environment. Benefits include:

  • The ability to deploy GigaSpaces-based applications in whatever environment best suits the business needs of the enterprise.
  • Kubernetes synergizes with InsightEdge and GigaSpaces, simplifying the operationalizing of machine learning and transactional processing at scale.
  • InsightEdge and GigaSpaces utilize key features of Kubernetes, such as cloud-native orchestration automation with self-healing, cooperative multi-tenancy, and RBAC authorization.
  • Auto-deployment of data services and deep learning and machine learning frameworks, such as Apache Spark, Stateful Sets (analogous to Processing Units), as well as the Apache Zeppelin web notebook.

  For more information, see Orchestration.

Tiered Storage (MemoryXtend)

This version of InsightEdge and GigaSpaces introduces our newest Persistent Memory (PMEM) driver for the MemoryXtend module. The combined strength of Optane DC Persistent Memory and the InsightEdge Platform provides customers with the required performance and TCO optimization for uncompromised business results:

  • In-memory extreme performance at at a significantly lower cost.
  • Large reduction in the number of servers required, which reduces footprint, power, maintenance, network and other overhead costs.

  For more information, see MemoryXtend for PMEM.

Hot Swap - Rebalancing with Zero Downtime

Our new demote capability in the REST Manager API makes it easier, faster, and simpler to rebalance a system after significant environment change scenarios, such as failover or scaling. In the past, the only way to demote a primary instance in order to rebalance a system was to force a restart. Now customers can write their own rebalancing policies that take advantage of the ability to perform a hot swap during runtime, without having to reload the data.

  For more information, see Hot Primary Swap.

Enhanced Web Notebook Functionality

InsightEdge now offers a JDBC-based interpreter for Apache Zeppelin. Customers can use this new interpreter to access data directly from the data grid, instead of via a Spark interpreter. This provides incredible value for analysts and developers, who can now visualize the Space data within the Zeppelin notebook.

  For more information, see Using the InsightEdge Web Notebook.

The following third-party dependency updates mitigate known security vulnerabilities:

Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

The following functionality is deprecated as of this release:

  • Legacy command line interface (use the new command line interface that was introduced in release 12.3 instead)
  • The gs-agent script (use the insightedge host run-agent or xap host run-agent command instead)

The following functionality is end of life as of this release:

  • XAP.NET for Microsoft .NET v3.5

In addition, we recommend that you review GigaSpaces updated Java and Spring Framework policies on the Product Life Cycle and End-of-Life Policy page.