This section lists the changes that were made in InsightEdge Platform 14.0.x.


Features and Enhancements

  • GS-13598: Demote Primary Space to Backup.
  • GS-13593: Kubernetes support.
  • GS-13601: New MemoryXtend driver for Persistent Memory (PMEM).
  • GS-13679: Change InsightEdge space name in demo mode.
  • GS-13681: Migrate InsightEdge examples from separate repo to InsightEdge.
  • GS-13695: Upgrade Jetty version to 9.3 latest.
  • GS-13693: Deprecate gs-agent script.
  • GS-13692: Deprecate legacy command line interface.
  • GS-13688: Support querying space data from REST Manager and CLI.
  • GS-13686: Enhanced CLI ‘pu run’ command validation to include invalid instances.
  • GS-13685: Improve error message for CLI command ‘pu run’ when file not found.
  • GS-13622: Support unmanaged Processing Units in Admin API.
  • GS-13599: Changed default rownum from 5000 to 10 in Web Management Console.
  • GS-13644: Upgrade Zeppelin to 0.8.
  • GS-13656: Add Zeppelin InsightEdge JDBC interpreter.
  • GS-13650: Add autoCommit property to InsightEdge JDBC Driver (for Zeppelin).
  • GS-13309: New API to initialize InsightEdge from existing Spark context/session.
  • GS-13667: Increase ZooKeeper client session timeout setting to 15 seconds.
  • GS-13588: Enhanced XAP.NET to support dtd validation via Tls12 url (s3).
  • GS-13677: End Of Life - XAP.NET for .NET v3.5.
  • GS-13675: InsightEdge JDBC driver automatically creates an alias for types using short name if not ambigous.
  • GS-13674: InsightEdge JDBC driver automatically creates an alias for types using underscores to allow non-escaped usage.
  • GS-13672: End Of Life - GigaSpace.getModifiersForIsolationLevel().
  • GS-13671: Deprecation - GSIterator and GigaSpace.iterator().
  • GS-13669: Enhance Deploy command in CLI to auto-zip resource in case it is a directory.
  • GS-13668: Reduce Web Management Console (web-ui) memory consumption due to unused statistics.
  • GS-13666: Upgrade Spark to 2.3.2.
  • GS-13637: Upgrade to Spring Security 4.2.8 and Spring Framework 4.3.19.
  • GS-13643: Configure insightedge-submit script to use Platform Manager name instead of lookup locator when running on Kubernetes.
  • GS-13499: Reduce replication network traffic by skipping discarded packets.
  • GS-13618: Add ChangeSet.isEmpty() to indicate if it contains any change operations.
  • GS-13619: Override the IdQuery.equals() default implementation to streamline unit testing.
  • GS-13602: Expose Jetty ports in the Admin API (such as the SslSelectChannelConnector used for HTTPS).
  • GS-13615: Run InsightEdge Spark jobs on Kubernetes using the InsightEdge Docker image.
  • GS-13600: Add system property to show standalone Spaces in REST Manager API and CLI.
  • GS-13448: Enhance logging to reflect replication connection state changes.
  • GS-13596: Enhance command line --server option to support host:port format.
  • GS-13591: Add a summary to CLI output.
  • GS-13573: Improve XAP and InsightEdge demo command behavior when XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS is configured.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13689: InsightEdge JDBC driver does not work with Spark SQL.
  • GS-13631: When a transaction aborts due to network failure, it may not release the participating entries immediately.
  • GS-13658: Misspelled License in “Licence data is corrupted” error message.
  • GS-13657: Typo in XAP Manager system property for configuring ZooKeeper session timeout.
  • GS-13649: Fix InsightEdge JDBC Driver initialization to return null when connection fails.
  • GS-13627: EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable is ignored when using OpenJDK with Microsoft Windows.
  • GS-13661: SPARK_MOUNTED_CLASSPATH contains incorrect semicolon on Microsoft Windows.
  • GS-13535: Null comparison does not work in SQL query when using a nested collection of objects.
  • GS-13625: SQL query with Java date/time WHERE clause fails when date/time format property is configured.
  • GS-13603: The Web Management Console fails to parse java.util.Date properties.
  • GS-13404: Can’t generate dump files from user interface after first attempt.
  • GS-13386: “Only Live Services Log Dump” doesn’t work as expected.
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The complete list of changes is also available in JIRA .