XAP Security provides comprehensive support for securing your data, services, or both. GigaSpaces provides a set of authorities granting privileged access to data, and for performing operations on services.


Some security features are part of the open source edition, while others are only available with the commercial (licensed) editions.


In order to use this feature, include the ${XAP_HOME}/lib/optional/security/xap-security.jar file on your classpath or use maven dependencies:

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For more information on dependencies, refer to Maven Artifacts.

Main Security Features

The features listed below are available with the open-source editions of GigaSpaces products.

  • Authority and Roles

    • Data access privileges
    • Operation privileges
    • Monitoring privileges
    • System administration privileges
  • Data-Grid operations Auditing

  • SSL Transport Layer security


The features listed below are available with the commercial licensed editions of GigaSpaces products.

  • Spring Based Security support

    • LDAP Authenticating
    • Database Authenticating
  • Administration tools

    • User intefaces: gs-ui, web-ui, gs CLI
    • Admin API