J2EE vs. XAP

Here is a simple mapping between the J2EE common components and equivalent XAP components:

J2EE verses XAP

Component J2EE XAP
Persistency JPA Hibernate, JPA
Messaging JMS,MDB JMS
Polling Container Java version | .Net version
Notify Container Java version | .Net version
Native Messaging API, MDB
Security JAAS, SSL Spring Security, SSL
Web Session Management HttpSession Global HttpSession sharing
Transaction Management JTA Spring Transaction via Jini Transaction Manager
Data Access JDBC , Session Bean (Stateless or Stateful), Entity Bean JDBC, Space, JPA , Session Bean(Stateless or Stateful) , Entity Bean
Remoting EJB, IIOP, RMI Spring remoting over LRMI , EJB
Web Servlet, JSP Servlet, JSP via Jetty
Packaging and deployment EAR , war jar, war , EAR
Contexts and Dependency Injection JSR 299 Spring IOC
System Management JMX JMX , SNMP, Native Admin API
Java Naming and Directory Service JNDI Jini Lookup Service

Available via EasyBeans, openejb, embedded jboss or embedded-glassfish.

Messaging Concepts & Patterns

Functionality J2EE XAP
Queue JMS Queue Polling Container Java version | .Net version
Topic JMS Topic Notify Container Java version | .Net version
Unit of Order JMS UOO XAP Unit Of Work
Queue Partitioning JMS Service Activator Aggregator Strategy XAP Parallel Queue
Distributed Priority Queue JMS Quality of Service XAP Priority Based Queue
Compute Grid MDB + Custom code XAP Master-Worker