Starting InsightEdge on a Local Service Grid

This section explains how to start an InsightEdge environment on a local machine.


Before running InsightEdge, verify that you have the following installed in your environment:

  • Java 8 or 11
  • Scala 2.11
  • Maven 3.1+

Starting the Local Environment

The InsightEdge environment consists of Spark and the GigaSpaces data grid. You can use the Command Line Interface tool to start InsightEdge as described below.

Starting a Complete Environment

To start a complete InsightEdge environment on your local machine, run the following command from the $GS_HOME/bin directory:

./<GS_HOME>/bin/  host run-agent --auto --gsc=2
<GS_HOME>\bin\gs  host run-agent --auto --gsc=2

This will start the following components on your machine:

Then run the following command to deploy a Space called demo with 2 partitions on those GSCs:

./<GS_HOME>/bin/ space deploy --partitions=2 demo
<GS_HOME>\bin\gs  space deploy --partitions=2 demo

Stopping the Local Environment

To stop the local environment, use the kill-agent command that sends a kill signal to all relevant processes:

./<GS_HOME>/bin/ host kill-agent
<GS_HOME>\bin\gs   host kill-agent


What's Next?