Analytics Basics

The InsightEdge Platform is a first-class integration between Apache Spark and the GigaSpaces data grid. This integration co-locates Spark jobs with the data they need to access, providing ultra-low latency and high-throughput transaction and stream processing. InsightEdge simplifies and streamlines business optimization, enabling real-time decision support and automated intelligence through unifying fast-data analytics, AI and real-time applications.

InsightEdge serves as a real-time digital insight platform, eliminating the traditional separation between analytics and applications. The platform overcomes the complex obstacles to operationalizing big data analytics at scale, and helps organizations generate greater business value through instant insights and faster actions. The InsightEdge Platform helps bridge the gap between applications and data science for greater business efficiency, new revenue stream innovations and enhanced customer experience.

The InsightEdge Platform software package contains the following components:

  • Enterprise edition data grid
  • Full Apache Spark distribution
  • Apache Zeppelin web notebook with custom InsightEdge interpreter and InsightEdge examples

If you already have a Spark distribution installed in your environment, you can use it instead of the instance that is packaged with InsightEdge.