SpaceDeck – Spaces

This part of the system shows the Spaces defined to the system, and allows monitoring and inspection of the Space details.

Spaces Status screen

Click on the Spaces tab to view the list of Spaces in the Spaces Status screen.

View Space Details

You can click on a Space name to see detailed information on the Space.

View Space Details – Monitoring

The Monitoring tab displays Space-related statistics:

View Space Details – Objects-Types

The Objects-Types tab displays a list of the objects (tables) associated with the Space.

Click on one of the tables to see detailed information for the table's properties and indexes.

General Information options:

  • Notify Template Applied —Subscribe to Space events and provide a listener mechanism – see Notifications
  • Support Fifo — Support FIFO (First In, First Out) behavior – see FIFO Support

Tiered Storage option:

View Space Details – Partitions

The Partitions tab displays details about the partitions where the Space data is stored.