Backing Up and Redeploying a Cluster

gsctl supports exporting the cluster to a backup image, and then redeploying to a clean directory from the backup file. The backup image includes the machines, product versions, cluster configuration, and services. Data is NOT backed up; this includes anything that may have been saved to disk such as custom Apache Zeppelin web notebooks.

The backup image contains the following:

  • cluster.yaml file
  • gsctl.yaml file
  • Dashboards
  • Services (JSONs)

To back up a cluster image:

Type the following command to create a backup file with the tmp directory as the target. If you don't specify a target, the backup file is saved in the default directory where the gsctl.jar file is located.

export --target /tmp

This creates a backup file with the name of the cluster (<cluster-name>.backup).

To re-deploy a cluster image from a backup file:

Starting from an empty folder, type the following command. Replace the cluster-name placeholder text with the name of your actual backup file.

import <cluster-name>.backup

This deploys the backed-up cluster image, which is ready to be populated.