Integrating InsightEdge with Tableau Server

This topic describes how to publish dashboards from InsightEdge to Tableau Server, where they can be shared throughout the organization. To integrate with Tableau Server you must:

  • Set up the InsightEdge JDBC Connector on Tableau Server
  • Configure the security settings on the InsightEdge server to work with Tableau Server

After both of these steps have been completed, you can publish InsightEdge data from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server.


Before you integrate InsightEdge with Tableau Server, make sure that:

Configuring InsightEdge on Tableau Server

Setting Up the InsightEdge JDBC Connector

To set up the InsightEdge JDBC Connector:

  1. Copy the JDBC driver from the Tableau Desktop <TABLEAU_HOME>\Drivers\ folder to the same folder on Tableau Server.

  2. Copy the $GS_HOME\tools\tableau\insightedge-connector folder to any folder on the server.

  3. To configure the InsightEdge JDBC connector, run the following commands:

    tsm configuration  set -frc -k native_api.connect_plugins_path 
    -v C:/<insightedge_connectors folder>
    tsm pending-changes apply
  4. To verify the configuration, run the following command:

    tsm settings export --output-config-file config.txt
  5. Verify that the config.txt file contains the following line:

     native_api.connect_plugins_path -v C:/tableau_connectors

Configuring the InsightEdge Security

To configure the InsightEdge security for Tableau Server access:

  1. Add the following to the setenv-overrides.bat/.sh file:

    .export XAP_OPTIONS_EXT=""
    set GS_OPTIONS_EXT=""
  2. Create an InsightEdge new user with all permissions. This is the user that will connect to Tableau Server.

Publishing InsightEdge Data to Tableau Server

After the setup process is complete and the connection has been configured, you can publish dashboards that are created in Tableau Desktop using InsightEdge data to Tableau Server.

To publish a dashboard with InsightEdge data from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server:

  1. Connect to the Space (this is configuring the data source) in Tableau Desktop.

  2. In Tableau Desktop, do the following:

    1. Create a sheet that uses InsightEdge data.

    2. Select Sign In from the Server menu.

    3. Select Publish Data Source from the Server menu.

    4. Select the required options in the Publish Data Source window and click Publish.

      The data source is published to Tableau Server and the Tableau Server URL opens in your browser.

  3. Log in to Tableau Server and verify that the data was published.