GigaSpaces Smart Cache

GigaSpaces Smart Cache is part of the GigaSpaces Portfolio — Smart Cache and Smart DIH.

Smart Cache provides fast, scalable cache from any data store. It is fully SQL-99 compliant, and can connect in one click to any operational data store. Additionally it provides out-of-the-box advanced persistency options.

Smart Cache Overview

Architecture of Smart Cache

1. Connect to Data Source

Data Integration

GigaSpaces Data Integration is a simple, reusable way to create Data Pipelines that allow access to application data without requiring user code. See Data Integration for details.

One-Click Connect

GigaSpaces provides a simple wizard interface to connect to any multiple relational data sources. First the user selects either a database or data warehouse, defines various properties of the data source and the naming of the space and stateful service at GigaSpaces, then the platform automatically scans the data source and presents it for the user to review the data structure, choose the required data to load, with the option to rename tables, columns and change indexes. Then the user can choose between two options: Download the generated project files, customize as required and deploy or automatically deploy on the cluster. For more information click here.

One-Click connect interface


2. Data Tiering

Data is stored in multiple data storage tiers — hot (in-memory), and warm (SSD)

User-defined business rules allows you to place the most important data in hot storage, while other data can be in warm storage.

GigaSpaces manages the full data lifecycle by automatically storing the relevant data in the relevant tiers, federating the queries under the hood to gather all the data in optimal latency and evicting the data according to various policies, from least-recently-used (LRU) to user custom policies. Click here for more information about tiered storage.

"Important" does not necessarily mean "most frequently accessed" — for example, your business rules may place premium customers in hot storage, even if their data is less frequently required.

3. Optimized Performance

Advanced Indexing

Smart Cache provides unlimited amount of secondary indexes for the stored data, such as Exact, Range, Collections, Compound, Text, and Geo Spatial for optimal performance.

Unlike key-value stores that need to duplicate the entire data store for each defined index, GigaSpaces only creates additional indexing data structures on one instance of data.

Smart Cache advanced indexing

Server-Side Aggregations

Perform an aggregation activity across data stored within space Aggregators are executed by iterating the internal data grid structure that maintains the space objects Out of the box aggregators such as SUM, AVG, MIN, GROUP BY, etc. as well as CUSTOM AGGREGATION LOGIC Fast scan - No materialization of the original user data grid object when performing this iteration

Distributed server-side data aggregation and code co-location provides high concurrency, full data integrity and reduces networking and serialization overhead.

Customized Routing

When the objects are written to the Data Grid, they are routed to the proper partition, according to a predefined attribute in the object that acts as the routing index.

4. AIOps

User-defined rules can automatically scale up/down or scale out/in when system demands change.

For example a rule could state:

When the RAM in use exceeds 80% of the total currently allocated RAM for more than 2 minutes, scale up the RAM by a factor of 4.

Rules can also be time-dependent, for example automatically changing storage allocations before planned peak system workload.

5. APIs

Smart Cache APIs

Smart Cache supports the full SQL-99 standard, allowing complex queries to be performed with optimal speed and minimal memory footprint. Standard SQL requests used for relational data manipulation can be used without requiring source code changes.

Using Java and .NET APIs, advanced capabilities are available — such as object store, and various data modeling options.

REST-API and command line interfaces are also available.

Smart Cache can easily integrate with BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, and PowerBI.

Deploy Anywhere

Deployment options include:

  • One-click deployment across any scale and environment, on-prem, cloud or hybrid

  • Hot rolling deployment, upgrade, monitoring, scaling and recovery, all with no downtime

  • Support of Kubernetes and OpenShift orchestration systems

Multiple deployment options of Smart Cache

Click here to get started with Smart Cache.