SpaceDeck – Spaces Overview

Spaces - Main Screen

The Spaces main screen displays the GigaSpaces Space objects that are defined in the in-memory data grid. Summary statistics are shown for each as described in SpaceDeck – Spaces Status - Details.

Spaces - Main Screen - Fields

  • Spaces Status – Possible values are –

    • Error - Connectivity issues/actual is not equal to planned/instance is down/ memory utilization is more than 90%

    • Warning - Memory usage is above 75%, actual is equal to planned, no connectivity issues

    • Healthy - Actual is equal to planned, no connectivity issues and memory utilization is less than 75%

  • Group by Status – Toggle to show the Spaces grouped by status

  • New + – Click this to configure a new Space

  • SPACE NAME – The name of the GigaSpaces Space object

  • STATUS – One of the following conditions: Active, Warning, Error

  • ACTUAL/PLANNED – Actual topology relative to planned instances. Note that actual is less than planned if not enough hosts are available for planned primary and backup partitions.

  • MEMORY – Percentage of memory used by the Space

  • CPU - Percentage of CPU used by the Space

  • TOTAL ENTRIES – Number of rows of data in the Space

  • Search It is also possible to filter a search. Once the filters are set, click Apply:

Once the Space Status is Active, the kebab menu on the far right can be used to either Generate Logs or Undeploy Space.


For more information:

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