Supported Platforms


GigaSpaces XAPClosed GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform. Provides a powerful solution for data processing, launching, and running digital services, XAP SkylineClosed A highly customizable developer platform that allows building scalable HA with high throughput and ultra-low latency Java applications running on Kubernetes clusters and Smart DIHClosed Smart DIH allows enterprises to develop and deploy digital services in an agile manner, without disturbing core business applications. This is achieved by creating an event-driven, highly performing, efficient and available replica of the data from multiple systems and applications, are implemented using Java, and require the following:

  • Java version 8 and 11
  • Any operating system that is supported by Java (for example Linux/Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS/X)

XAP.NET requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later. Additional information is provided in the Installation section of the XAP.NET Guide.

For information on VMWare support, refer to the VMWare guidelines.


The following issue has been encountered in a specific use case:

  • SUSE-10 Linux Enterprise Service Pack 3 has bugs that make the OS network layer unreliable. Do not use this operating system with GigaSpaces products.

Lifecycle and End-of-Life Policy


Refer to the Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap for the latest information.


Refer to the End-Of-Life Policy for the latest updates.