Hot Upgrade

Hot Upgrade - Supported Change Types

These are the supported changes types:

In order to have the ability for hot upgrade, HA is a must. This includes backup instances and, in the case of Java/OS change manager as well.

Hot Upgrade for Stateful Services

By following this method, minimal impact is ensured:

  1. If the upgrade requires a machine restart, it is important to ensure that the machine contains only backups. This is achieved by demoting primaries. This is important in order to reduce the impact on production.

  2. Perform the upgrade.

  3. In order to use the new version, restart the GSCs which hold the backup instances.

  4. After all the backups are fully recovered from the primaries, demote the existing primaries and restart their containers.

Hot Upgrade for Managers

  • Managers should be restarted one by one.

  • Validate that each manager is fully recovered from the previous version before continuing to restart other manager.

Hot Upgrade for New GS/OS/Java Version

Following is the procedure for performing hot upgrade for new GS/OS/Java versions:

  1. Install the new version on one of the hosts

  2. Demote all spaces on this host, so it only contains backups

  3. Stop GS on this host

  4. Start GS from the new installation

  5. See that backups in this host recover from the primaries and are active.

  6. If it is a manager machine check that it reconnects to the other managers.

  7. Do the same for the next host.

  8. Re-balance primaries & backups.