Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), part of DevOps, introduces automation into the stages of integration, delivery and deployment.

Smart DIHClosed Smart DIH allows enterprises to develop and deploy digital services in an agile manner, without disturbing core business applications. This is achieved by creating an event-driven, highly performing, efficient and available replica of the data from multiple systems and applications,’s CI/CD integration uses minimum code and achieves maximum flexibility using an Auto Generate skeleton. The user is only required to define inputs, outputs and business logic. This integration offers simple deploy, undeploy, and update operations, and registers automatically with the Hashicorp Consul and the Northbound Nginx. Security is handled by the Northbound Nginx and is transparent for the micro-services.

Connecting DIH into the Code Factory

While the production DIHClosed Digital Integration Hub. An application architecture that decouples digital applications from the systems of record, and aggregates operational data into a low-latency data fabric. usually provisions immutable services, the code factory has a dev-dih which provides:

DevOps Pipeline: High Level

The GigaSpaces team and the Customer’s DevOps team create a code factory which is integrated and fully aligned with CI/CD standards. The code is portable and can be reused on other projects since it is not embedded in the platform. The pipeline enables developers to focus on the business logic and not on the ecosystem and integration.


Launching New Services

The launch of new services uses a simple, flexible blueprintClosed Java project templating framework provided by DIH for developers, a bueprint, or class, contains a set of attributes and behaviors that define an object. that provides:

Rapid Innovation Capabilities

Rapid innovation capabilities such as:

Sample Flow: Launching New Services: