Throughout this tutorial we will create and use a simple internet payment service application to demonstrate the basic GigaSpaces features.

The basic concept of our application;

  • Merchants enter into a contract to handle financial transactions using the application.
  • The Merchant will receive a percentage for each transaction.
  • Users will make payments with the online system.

You can download all examples presented here from github. Feel free to clone, fork and contribute to the tutorial code.

Download and Install XAP.NET

XAPClosed GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform. Provides a powerful solution for data processing, launching, and running digital services.NET is packaged as a standard Windows Installer package (.msi file). You can download the latest version.

Once you have downloaded the distribution, start the installation by double-clicking the msi file and the installation wizard will appear and guide you through the installation process.


The default product location is C:\GigaSpaces\XAP.NET {Version} {Platform} (For example: C:\XAP.NET-17.0-x64). This convention supports side-by-side installation of different versions of XAP.NET.


The product directory structure as follows:

In addition, the XAP.NET installer creates shortcuts in the start menu for some of these items.