Space-Based Remoting

Remoting allows you to use remote invocations of POJOClosed Plain Old Java Object. A regular Java object with no special restrictions other than those forced by the Java Language Specification and does not require any classpath. services, with the SpaceClosed Where GigaSpaces data is stored. It is the logical cache that holds data objects in memory and might also hold them in layered in tiering. Data is hosted from multiple SoRs, consolidated as a unified data model. as the transport layer. For each option, you have to define the contract between the client and server, provide an implementation of the contract, and host the service on the server side via a Processing UnitClosed This is the unit of packaging and deployment in the GigaSpaces Data Grid, and is essentially the main GigaSpaces service. The Processing Unit (PU) itself is typically deployed onto the Service Grid. When a Processing Unit is deployed, a Processing Unit instance is the actual runtime entity..

The following options are available for remote invocation of services in the Space:

  • Domain Service Host - Used to host services within the hosting processing unit domain which are exposed for remote invocation.
  • Executor-Based Remoting - Allows you to use remote invocations of services with the Space as the transport layer, using Executors.