Port Usage Control

GigaSpaces space and client components open different ports in various situations. The following list describes the different ports used by GigaSpaces and how these can be modified:

Property name Description Default value
com.gs.transport_protocol.lrmi.bind-port LRMI listening port
Used with client-space and space-space communication.
variable , random

RMI registry listening port
Used as an alternative directory service.

The RMI registry can be also changed by providing environment variable GS_JMX_REMOTE_BASE_PORT.
For details, see JMX Management.

10098 and above.
com.gigaspaces.system.registryRetries RMI registry Retries
Used as an alternative directory service.
Default is 20.
com.gigaspaces.start.httpPort Webster listening port
Internal web service used as part of the application deployment process.
  • When starting a space and providing the port as part of the URL - i.e. java://localhost:PORT/container/space - the specified port will be used both for the RMI registry listener and also for the container to register into the RMI registry.
  • The Jini Lookup Service uses unicast and multicast announcements and requests.
  • The multicast discovery protocol uses ports 4174.
  • You can completely disable multicast announcement traffic. Refer to the Lookup Service Configuration or GigaSpaces Over a Firewall sections for more details.
  • When running a clustered space using replication via multicast, additional ports are used.