XAP Skyline Kubernetes Installation

This topic describes how to deploy XAP SkylineClosed A highly customizable developer platform that allows building scalable HA with high throughput and ultra-low latency Java applications running on Kubernetes clusters in a KubernetesClosed An open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. environment. The integration is packaged as a Helm chart. You can deploy the full XAPClosed GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform. Provides a powerful solution for data processing, launching, and running digital services Skyline platform, using the Helm chart available in the GigaSpaces Helm repository.

The topics in this section assume basic knowledge of the GigaSpaces platform. If you aren't familiar with GigaSpaces, review the contents of the general Getting Started section before performing the tasks described here.


Following are the prerequisites required for deploying XAP Skyline using Kubernetes.


  1. Get the XAP Skyline Helm repo and update:
    helm repo add xap https://resources.gigaspaces.com/helm-charts-dih 
    helm repo update xap
  2. Fully install XAP Skyline (including Ingress and H/A for SpaceDeck):

    helm install xap xap/smart-cache --version 17.0.0 --set spacedeck.ingress.host=myhost.com,global.security.password=rootpassword
  3. XAP Skyline is now installed in H/A mode. Wait for all pods to be ready.

  4. Connect to the SpaceDeck at https://myhost.com/

Next Steps

  1. Use SpaceDeck to define Spaces and run data queries.

    By default, the root user has root/password credentials.  This must be changed before installation using the parameter of global.password seen in step 2 of the Instructions section above.

Appendix A

  • Certificate manager deployment.  Follow these instructions (external link).

  • Metrics-service deployment. Follow these instructions (external link).

  • An ingress controller is required as part of the Smart Cache installation. Follow these Instructions for NGINX controller installation (external link). It is best practice to install NGINX in a different name-space.

For detailed configuration information refer to the Detailed Configuration: XAP Skyline page

Next Steps Configuring XAP Skyline

The following topics outline additional steps in the XAP Skyline setup.