Viewing Logs

To view logs:

The Logs tab is available in the Hosts and Processing UnitsClosed This is the unit of packaging and deployment in the GigaSpaces Data Grid, and is essentially the main GigaSpaces service. The Processing Unit (PU) itself is typically deployed onto the Service Grid. When a Processing Unit is deployed, a Processing Unit instance is the actual runtime entity. views. You can display the logs for any of the GigaSpaces components (host machine, Processing Units, Spaces, and containers). You can also turn logging on and off for the components.

  1. In the relevant view, highlight the component you want to investigate.

  2. Click the Logs tab on the right side of the page.

  3. To turn logging off click the Pause icon, and to turn logging on click the Play icon.

  4. To filter the logs, use the Log Level box to select the desired log level and/or type specific text in the Find box, and then click the Search icon.

  5. To expand the log window, click the Expand icon in the upper right corner.

Refer to the Admin API topics in the Developer Guide.