Smart DIH Kubernetes Installation

This is an installation guide for Smart DIHClosed Smart DIH allows enterprises to develop and deploy digital services in an agile manner, without disturbing core business applications. This is achieved by creating an event-driven, highly performing, efficient and available replica of the data from multiple systems and applications, in H/A mode. Upon completion of this guide, the user will have a functional Smart DIHClosed Digital Integration Hub. An application architecture that decouples digital applications from the systems of record, and aggregates operational data into a low-latency data fabric. together with the ability to operate is using the SpaceDeck UI



Following are the prerequisites required for deploying Smart DIH using KubernetesClosed An open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications..


  1. Use the gsSecret.yaml you got from GigaSpaces to install the software token.

  2. Get the Smart DIH Helm repo and update:
  3. helm repo add dih 
    helm repo update dih
  4. Fully install Smart DIH (including Ingress, H/A for SpaceDeck and IIDR): only 16.4

  5. helm install dih dih/dih --version 17.0.0 --set,tags.iidr=true,
  6. If IIDR installation is NOT included then use this:

    helm install dih dih/dih --version 17.0.0 --set  
  7. Smart DIH is now installed in H/A mode. Wait for all pods to be ready.

  8. Connect to the SpaceDeck at

Next Steps

  1. Install the agent for the required data sources: DI Agent Installation: Prerequisites

  2. Use SpaceDeck to define spaces, data sources and pipelines.

    By default, the root user has root/password credentials.  This must be changed before installation using the parameter of global.password seen in step 3 of the Instructions section above.

Appendix A

  • Certificate manager deployment.  Follow these instructions (external link).

  • Metrics-service deployment. Follow these instructions (external link).

  • An ingress controller is required as part of the Smart DIH installation. Follow these Instructions for NGINX controller installation (external link). It is best practice to install NGINX in a different name-space.

For detailed configuration information refer to the Detailed Configuration: Smart DIH page