Oracle Source Prerequisites

The IIDR Oracle Agent Installation should be installed on the source database server. Prior to IIDR Oracle Agent installation, the following requirements have to be completed:

  1. 1GB disk space.

  2. IIDR Oracle Agent allocates port 11001 for communication with client workstations running Management Console and other servers.

  3. IIDR Oracle agent OS user should be part of the Unix groups that own the Oracle and Oracle ASM files and directories. For example, create user named gsods that is part of the Linux group dba (dba group is an OS users group that owns Oracle data files and directories):

    useradd -ms /bin/bash gsods -G dba
  4. Create an oracle database user as follows :

    1. Username : GSIIDR

    2. Required privileges that should be provided to the Oracle IIDR Schema

  5. Supplemental logging should be enabled on a database level and on a table level for all columns.

  6. Ensure that the source database instance is operating in ARCHIVELOG mode.

  7. The IIDR Oracle agent must have direct access to the archive log files and redo log files.