MSSQL Source Prerequisites

The IIDRClosed IBM Infosphere Data Replication. This is a solution to efficiently capture and replicate data, and changes made to the data, on relational source systems. Used to move data from DataBases to the In-Memory Data Grid. MSSQL Agent should be installed on the source MSSQL server.

Prior to IIDR MSSQL Agent installation, the following requirements have to be completed:

  1. 1GB disk space.

  2. IIDR MSSQL Agent uses port 10501. This port should be accessible from the IIDR Management Console (MC), IIDR AS Server and the IIDR KafkaClosed Apache Kafka is a distributed event store and stream-processing platform. Apache Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. A message is any kind of information that is sent from a producer (application that sends the messages) to a consumer (application that receives the messages). Producers write their messages or data to Kafka topics. These topics are divided into partitions that function like logs. Each message is written to a partition and has a unique offset, or identifier. Consumers can specify a particular offset point where they can begin to read messages. Agent.

  3. IIDR MSSQL Agent requires 1GB of RAM to function properly,

  4. Allocate MSSQL login user as follows:

    1. Username : GSIIDR

    2. For the GSIIDR login user, there are two options for configuring the required database privileges:

      1. sysadmin role: This option is the simplest because it enables CDCClosed Change Data Capture. Primarily used for data that is frequently updated, such as user transactions Replication to execute the necessary statements to set up additional items that are necessary for replication.

      2. dbowner role + additional required set privileges.  This is the full set of MSSQL of privileges: MSSQL IIDR Schema Privileges

  5. Enable replication on the database that changes should be captured from. The relevant commands can be found in the MSSQL Enable Replication Commands

  6. Create or choose an OS Windows account that will be used to install the IIDR MSSQL Agent. This account must have the following privileges:

    1. Standard user privileges

    2. Logon as a service

    3. Debug security policy settings.

  7. Enable TCP/IP network protocol on the MSSQL server.

  8. MSSQL recovery model should be configured to a Full recovery model.