DI Kubernetes Components Configuration

The following table contains the configuration for the DIClosed The Data Integration (DI) layer is a vital part of the Digital Integration Hub (DIH) platform. It is responsible for a wide range of data integration tasks such as ingesting data in batches or streaming data changes. This is performed in real-time from various sources and systems of record (SOR. The data then resides in the In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), or Space, of the GigaSpaces Smart DIH platform. KubernetesClosed An open-source container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. components.


Parameter Description Default
di_flink.rootLoggerLevel Root Logger Level INFO
di_flink.jobmanager.memoryProcessSize Total Process Memory size for the JobManager 1600m
di_flink.taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots The number of parallel Pipelines. min 1 max 10 2
di_flink.taskmanager.memoryProcessSize Total Process Memory size for the TaskExecutors 1728m
tags.iidr install iidr false
tags.oracle install oracle db false
kafka.enabled   true
kafka.replicaCount   3
kafka.service.ports.client client port 9092
xap.enabled   false
xapSingleSpace.enabled   true
iidrKafka.envs.bootstrapServers   kafka