What's New in GigaSpaces Version 16.0

Release Date: August-05-2021

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 16.0.



Data Tiering

Intelligent Data Tiering allows you to better balance cost and performance:

  • Fast, relatively expensive RAM storage (Hot tier) for fast SQL queries

  • Less expensive SSD storage (Warm tier) for up to 20x increase in data capacity, reduced memory footprint, and minimal or no impact on system performance.

Enhancements to data tiering in release 16.0:

Data Persistency

  • Improved system resilency — local, synchronized persistency via tiered storage

    • The "undeploy" operation now only unregisters the service, with no need to reload data. The data is preserved and re-attached upon re-deploy.

    • New "delete" operation supports explicit data deletion requests

  • Faster deployment — automatically save and restore tiered data using the persistent data option. No need to perform full re-sync with system of record upon system restart.

Fast and Comprehensive SQL Engine

With this release, the new engine becomes the default for all SQL read operations. The support for old engines is kept for backward compatibility and will be reviewed for deprecation in a future release.

Data Gateway

  • Seamless integration with BI toolsPostgreSQL driver provides simplified integration for BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau.

  • Improved JDBC support and new ODBC support — enables lightweight clients, with simplified integration and faster time to value.

Improved Kubernetes Support

  • Docker-based deployment based on Kubernetes microservices design patterns — aligned with industry-standard CI/CD practices

  • Deploy and undeploy using native Kubernetes API

  • Openshift 4.4+ integration fully aligned with generic Kubernetes orchestration

Performance Improvements

Accumulated improvement potential of up to 50%:

  • Improvement to the serialization mechanism to reduce the overhead by 10-15%. This improvement is relevant for all workload types.

  • Improvement to the mechanism creating user objects (POJOs) increases performance by 10-15%.

  • Optimize thread configuration and performance with a single Communication Protocol parameter for 10-15% improvement. This optimization is mostly relevant for ID-based workloads.

Detailed Grafana Dashboards

Simpler and more effective monitoring using a new detailed Grafana-based dashboard of system status and metrics

Support for Secured Space

  • Secured Space can now be accessed via the standard GigaSpaces tools — CLI, REST-API, and Ops Manager — and the related proxy properties can be customized

  • Multi-user support

Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

The following functionality is deprecated as of this release:

  • ElasticGrid