What's New in GigaSpaces Version 15.2

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for InsightEdge Platform and GigaSpaces release 15.2.


Platform Enhancements

GigaOps Stack

GigaSpaces introduces the GigaOps Stack, a modern DataOps stack for CI/CD, orchestration, and monitoring of data analytics and predictive modeling. The GigaOps Stack includes the following components:

  • Ops Manager - our web-based tool for monitoring and administering all aspects of your GigaSpaces-based application.
  • KubeGrid or ElasticGrid - orchestration for on-premise, cloud-native, or hybrid environments.
  • gsctl - a standalone CLI tool for creating, provisioning and installing GigaSpaces clusters in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Monitoring - GigaSpaces' new monitoring stack based on InfluxDB and Grafana.

  For more information, see GigaOps Stack.


GigaSpaces' new orchestration option for open cloud, on-premise or hybrid systems that fully automates deployment, scaling, and management of virtualized and containerized applications. ElastiGrid handles all these tasks so you don't have to:

  • Auto-installation
  • auto-provisioning
  • Elastic orchestration
  • Rolling upgrades
  • Self repair
  • Distributed tracing

  For more information, see ElasticGrid.

Auto Data Source Connect

Potential users can easily import selected data from any RDBMS directly to a Space by setting up a data source connection via Ops Manager. Regular users also load and deploy a stateful service on an ongoing basis; GigaSpaces will continuously mirror any changes and auto-scan the metadata. Before loading the data, users can review and select the specific data for import, and applying indexing.

In addition to creating a Space and populating it with a custom set of data, users can download a project blueprint to set up a full GigaSpaces environment.

  For more information, see Connect to a Data Source.

GigaSpaces Ops Manager

The Ops Manager has the following new functionality:

  • Space View - users can see an overview of the Spaces in the clusters, and drill through to individual Spaces to see metadata, data distribution, index statistics, and more.
  • Interactive queries - users can configure interactive SQL queries within Ops Manager to retrieve data from the Space.

Streaming Space Iterator

GigaSpaces' paging support provides drastically improved performance, with lower latency, a smaller memory footprint, and a lighter workload on the Space. Throughput is improved by up to 100% using the new streaming Space iterator implementation.

  For more information, see Paging Support with the Space Iterator API.

Memory-Level Encryption

GigaSpaces now provides a Property Storage Adapter API to apply encryption or compression for a property. The Property Storage Adapter contains the following general-purpose, built-in adapter options:

  • Encryption adapters that encrypt/decrypt designated property values using the AES algorithm.
  • Binary adapter for storing values in binary serialized format.
  • ZIP adapter that applies compression/decompression using the Zip algorithm.

  For more information, see Property Storage Adapters.

Kubernetes Improvements

This release provides the following improvements for Kubernetes-based GigaSpaces applications:

  • On-demand scaling - this new feature enables users to submit ad-hoc scaling requests so that the cluster scales gradually, with no downtime.
  • Multi-region replication - users can set up WAN gateways in the Kubernetes to implement an active-active topology across two remote clusters. This enables replication between regions or cloud-based clusters.
  • Node pool selection - users can deploy pods to specific node pools to better support different size workloads.

  For more information, see the KubeGrid documentation.

Third-Party Integration Updates

The GigaSpaces-InsightEdge driver now appears automatically in the Tableau list of connectors.

The following third-party integrations have been updated for release 15.2:

  • Starting with Tableau 2020.1, we support a packaged Tableau connector (.taco file), which is automatically loaded by Tableau to its list of connectors.
  • GigaSpacesEnterprise Operator in Openshift OperatorHub
  • Building a GigaSpaces Spring Data application

Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

The following functionality is deprecated as of this release:

  • GSIterator