GigaSpaces Legacy JDBC Driver

Traditionally, customers adopting our platform come from a database (SQL) background. In order to give them a familiar interface for looking into what data exists in the grid, we created a SQL adapter that lets them query the grid as if it's a traditional database.

This gives the opportunity to plug in existing visualization tools like:
* Tableau
* MicroStrategy
* QlikView
directly into the grid and use a drag and drop interface to look into grid data.

The JDBC driver is designed to allow only SQL-compatible read operations against data stored in the grid. It does not support create/update/delete operations. Furthermore, the driver was not designed for low latency requirements, although it was developed for integration with applications such as visualization tools, which support JDBC-compliant data sources.

If you are looking for a low-latency JDBC driver with CRUD capability, refer to the JDBC Driver topic in the Developer guide.