What's New in GigaSpaces Version 15.0

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for GigaSpaces release 15.0.


This version is early access, and there are currently no new features.


GigaSpaces Ops Manager

GigaSpaces is proud to introduce an enterprise-class management platform for your GigaSpaces-based clusters running on your own cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. Use the GigaSpaces Ops Manager for monitoring, alerts, disaster recovery, scaling, deploying and upgrading your applications, and for managing other GigaSpaces components such as the BI Connector.

  For more information, see GigaSpaces Ops Manager.

Intelligent Tiering of Your Data Lake

The GigaSpaces Analyticsxtreme module allows you to leverage an intelligent data management policy, to automatically auto-tier cold and archive data in your Hadoop or cloud object store data lake. GigaSpaces's intelligent tiering is designed to automatically optimize storage of historical data in terms of performance and costs as data access patterns change, moving data between frequent access and infrequent access tiers.

  For more information, see AnalyticsXtreme Batch Indexing.

Improved Integration for Orchestration, Streaming and BI 

Kubernetes Space-Based Remoting

GigaSpaces now provides a native smart Space client in Kubernetes that supports remote CRUD operations, task execution, and event-driven analytics. The smart client is content aware to the distributed cluster topology, which provides high throughput and fast serialization, as well as automatic load balancing. This is accomplished by auto forwarding the remote operation to the relevant data pod, based on the data model and routing.

  For more information, see Space-Based Remoting in Kubernetes.

Confluent Streaming Connector (Kafka)

The official GigaSpaces Connector for Apache Kafka has been released and verified by Confluent. The connector, which adheres to the guidelines set forth by Confluent’s Verified Integrations Program, enables GigaSpaces to be configured as both a sink and a source for Apache Kafka.

  For more information, see Integrating Kafka with GigaSpaces Products.

Tableau Server Support

The GigaSpaces GigaSpaces Connector for Tableau now supports Tableau Server, a centralized, web-based repository for users, data sources and visualizations. This support allows you to publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout the organization with Tableau Server. Tableau Server also provides direct, authorized access to live Space objects and documents , allowing users to build and run complex filtered queries against GigaSpaces.

  For more information, see Integrating GigaSpaces with Tableau Server.

Dynamic Schema Versioning

InsightEdge supports dynamic schema definition by allowing you to write and update data without a predefined schema. You can easily make changes to the data model while ensuring it will be compatible with JDBC and BI tools. The result is more reliable code integration, faster development, and lower administration overhead.

  For more information, see the new section on Querying with JDBC in the Document API topic.

Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

The following functionality is deprecated as of this release:

  • GigaSpaces Management Center
  • LRU and custom eviction policies
  • Direct persistency
  • Option for multiple Processing Units per GSC (stateful service limit >1). See Service Level Agreement for the serviceLimit setting, with a default value of 1.
  • "Requires isolation" feature