This section lists the changes that were made to GigaSpaces products for 15.0.x.




Features and Enhancements


  • GS-13956: Add readiness probe to Kubernetes.
  • GS-13908: New GigaSpaces Ops Manager user interface (UI).
  • GS-13971: Upgrade Jackson Databind to
  • GS-13964: Improved support for Spring annotation-based configuration.
  • GS-13955: Set default of GSC serviceLimit to 1.
  • GS-13967: Configure the log folder location via either the system property or the GS_LOGS environment variable.
  • GS-13966: Support environment variable configuration for system locations.
  • GS-13963: Instantiate pending Processing Unit instances right after an undeploy event.
  • GS-13958: Add '--ha' option to 'pu deploy' command (alias for '--backups=1').
  • GS-13952: Enhance lib/required processing to auto-include additional JAR files in the system class loader.
  • GS-13855: Add AnalyticXtreme batch indexing to InsightEdge.
  • GS-13950: Upgrade Apache Spark to 2.4.4.
  • GS-13951: Upgrade Apache Zeppelin to 0.8.2.
  • GS-13915: Support remote classloading in Kubernetes environment.
  • GS-13728: Remove JOTM (Java Open Transaction Manager) module from product.
  • GS-13849: Remove GS_OPTIONS_EXT usage from Dockerfile to simplify external usage.
  • GS-13942: upgrade OSHI to version 4.0.0 and JNA to 5.4.0.
  • GS-13660: Upgrade Apache Calcite to 1.21 and Avatica to 15.0.
  • GS-13940: Improve shutdown hook process in SystemBoot.
  • GS-13880: Refactor environment variable processing from script to GsCommandFactory.
  • GS-13884: Support 'GS_' alias prefix for 'XAP_' environment variables.
  • GS-13992: Reduce replication contention when registering local view or durable notification.
  • GS-13935: Enhance CsvReader to support quoted string values.
  • GS-13934: Enhance license manager to search for licenses in gs-license.txt in addition to xap-license.txt.
  • GS-13932: Enhance 'container create' CLI command to accept JVM options using '--vm-option' .
  • GS-13928: Enhance CsvReader to ignore case when parsing header.
  • GS-13929: Enhance CsvReader to read from InputStream in addition to Path.
  • GS-13927: Customize CsvReader invalid line processing.
  • GS-13926: Enhance CsvReader to support charsets other than UTF-8.
  • GS-13920: Unify LRMI thread pool names for consistency.
  • GS-13885: Upgrade Apache Zookeeper to 3.5.5, Curator to 4.2.0.
  • GS-13914: Upgrade Apache Calcite to 1.14.
  • GS-13903: Simplified the RocksDB configuration for the MemoryXtend driver for SSD.
  • GS-13901: Add new "space_replciation_redo_log_used-percent" metric.
  • GS-13900: Add new "memory-heap-used-percent" metric.
  • GS-13887: Kubernetes network policy enhancement to enable data operations from remote clients via a public IP/port.
  • GS-13881: Added Lucene support for collections in full text search.
  • GS-13883: Enhance InsightEdge JDBC driver to optionally get schema from an alternative URL instead of from a Space.
  • GS-13683: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.19.
  • GS-13816: Improve SQL query performance when distinct keyword is used.
  • GS-13696: User-defined SQL functions now support setting parameters.
  • GS-13893: Added the CONTAINS_KEY built-in SQL function that checks if a map contains a key.
  • GS-12362: The GS Agent only monitors (and restarts) components that were started successfully.
  • GS-13891: Upgrade RocksDB to 6.0.1.
  • GS-13879: Upgrade Hibernate to 5.2.
  • GS-13868: Added support in AnalyticsXtreme for Hive partitioned tables.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13974: NullPointerException in the Web Management Console when undeploying a Processing Unit.
  • GS-13970: Standalone Processing Unit - instantiate a new processing unit one time only.
  • GS-13969: Some incorrect output labels in CLI command: space info-instance --replication-stats.
  • GS-13965: The request status of a failed RESTful increment instance command is incorrect due to an underlying NullPointerException.
  • GS-13939: Properties provided via the 'container create --property' command don't override environment variables in the setenv-overrides script.
  • GS-13931: In rare scenarios, the system threw an OutOfMemory Error due to ClassLoaderContext._specificListeners allocations.
  • GS-13937: Manager auto-detection fails when literal IPv6 addresses are used.
  • GS-13849: GSC stdio sometimes closes prematurely, causing shutdown to hang indefinitely.
  • GS-13878: SpaceIterator.close() throws an exception when the data isn't fully consumed.
  • GS-13936: REST Manager API deployment status shows Pending instead of Failed.
  • GS-13897: Default values in property placeholder syntax aren't supported.
  • GS-13889: Processing Unit failed to deploy after problematic content was removed with LinkageError exception.
  • GS-13905: Passing options to interactive shell doesn't work.
  • GS-13899: The "process_cpu_used-percent" metric doesn't record the correct value.
  • GS-13894: GS Agent components don't terminate when the parent process is no longer alive.
  • GS-13863: Full recovery failed when using a FIFO group.
  • GS-13207: Polling container didn't have a graceful shutdown when using a DynamicEventTemplate in combination with a SQL query.
  • GS-13812: Full recovery does not preserve the FIFO grouping order.

Known Issues

For client version 14.0 or older, there is a possibility that the redo log will be corrupted and not available for system recovery.

This can only happen if all of the following conditions are true:

  • The client system is version 14.0 or older

  • AND the server-side system is a later release of 14.2 or higher

  • AND the old client did a Change operation.

  • AND the redo log exceeds RAM capacity and goes to the hard drive,.

The complete list of changes is also available in Jira.