What's New

This section describes product changes, along with new features and functionality for InsightEdge Platform and GigaSpaces release 14.5.


New Features and Functionality

  • AnalyticsXtreme Enhancements - AnalyticsXtreme now supports smart SQL JOINs between the speed and batch layers. Additionally, this version includes performance improvements such as "OR" optimization.

      For more information, see Data Lake Acceleration.

  • Kubernetes Support for Persistent MemoryXtend - MemoryXtend functionality in Kubernetes deployments has been enhanced with persistent volume (SSD) support, which leverages SSD and persistent memory technologies.

      For more information, see Persistent Volume Storage in Kubernetes.

  • GigaSpaces-Tableau Connector - The new GigaSpaces-Tableau connector enables out-of-the-box integration with Tableau, so that InsightEdge is available directly from the Tableau Desktop.

      For more information, see Tableau Integration.

  • Jupyter Notebook Integration - Python users can now incorporate the familiar Jupyter web notebook with InsightEdge, enjoying out-of-the-box connectivity and PySpark support.

      For more information, see Using a Jupyter Notebook.

Usability and Platform Enhancements

Usability Enhancements

  • Interactive Shell for CLI - A CLI interactive shell is available for all platforms, and is activated automatically with the gs command. The interactive shell guides you in entering CLI commands by autocompleting commands and automatically displaying CLI help information.

      For more information, see Command Line Interface (CLI).

  • Project Blueprints - A blueprint is a pre-configured template that functions as a starting point for your microservice. GigaSpaces products now have blueprints that developers can use to create new projects directly from templates, instead of having to create blank projects and deal with manual configuration tasks.

  • Improved Maven Integration - The GigaSpaces product integration with Maven has been streamlined and obsolete files have been removed. Additionally, the GigaSpaces CLI has a new command for installing Maven artifacts.

      For more information, see Maven Artifacts.

  • CSV Reader Utility - InsightEdge now includes a CsvReader utility, which simplifies loading data from a CSV file to the data grid. This utility is especially helpful for first-time and new users of GigaSpaces products, as it can be used to quickly load demo data to a Space for evaluation and testing purposes.

Environment and Command Changes

Environment Variables

There have been updates and modifications to the set environment variables that GigaSpaces uses.

  For more information, see Configuring the Environment Variables.

Command Line Interface Update

The GigaSpaces Command Line Interface (CLI) has been consolidated and now uses a single gs script as the entry point. Backwards compatibility is supported; users that upgrade from earlier versions of GigaSpaces products can revert the CLI to the previous behavior to simplify the migration process.

  For more information, see Upgrading the CLI.

  For more information, see GigaSpaces Ops Manager.

  • Spring Framework integration has been upgraded to 5.1.7
  • Spring Security integration has been upgraded to 5.1.5.

    As of Spring Security 5.x, a password encoder must be defined.

Deprecated and End-Of-Life Features and Functionality

There are currently no deprecated or end-of-life features and functionality.

Deprecated Features and Functionality

  • The advanced_scripts.zip file has been renamed to deprecated_scripts.zip.
  • The xap and insightedge duplicate CLI scripts were deprecated and moved to the deprecated_scripts.zip file.
  • The EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable is deprecated as of this version. Use XAP_OPTIONS_EXT instead.

End-Of-Life Functionality

The following obsolete scripts were removed from the product (formerly in the advanced_scripts.zip file):

  • esm
  • gs-memcached
  • lookupbrowser
  • startjinix_mahalo