This section lists the changes that were made to GigaSpaces products for 14.5.x.



Features and Enhancements

  • GS-13851: Support MemoryXtend for persistent volumes in Kubernetes.
  • GS-13873: Kubernetes - change default service type to LoadBalancer .
  • GS-13877: Added GridServiceContainerOptions.Builder to simplify GSC creation from Admin API.
  • GS-13840: AnalyticsXtreme - add JOIN support to query.
  • GS-13726: Upgrade Spring to 5.1.7, Spring Security to 5.1.5.
  • GS-13869: Query optimization for "OR" conditions in AnalyticsXtreme.
  • GS-13839: GigaSpaces blueprints for creating new projects.
  • GS-13854: Consolidate CLI scripts (gs, xap, insightedge) to a single script (gs).
  • GS-13859: Deprecated duplicate scripts and removed obsolete scripts.
  • GS-13862: Added SLF4J dependency for logging.
  • GS-13860: InsightEdge JDBC Driver enhancement - push down projection when aggregation is used.
  • GS-13838: New GigaSpaces-Tableau JDBC Connector.
  • GS-13858: Upgrade Jetty to 9.3.27.
  • GS-13498: Tag durable notify containers with business-oriented names.
  • GS-13820: Remove the XAP Maven plugin from the software package.
  • GS-13847: New 'maven install' CLI command for installing GigaSpaces Maven artifacts.
  • GS-13848: Remove bundled Apache Maven from package.
  • GS-13844: Added CsvReader to simplify reading data from .CSV files.
  • GS-13843: Upgrade Apache Calcite to 1.13.
  • GS-13841: Enhanced JDBC support - the standard java.sql.Driver file is now packaged.
  • GS-13813: Replace Sigar with Oshi.
  • GS-13826: Interactive shell for command line interface.
  • GS-13834: Deprecate EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS - use XAP_OPTIONS_EXT instead.
  • GS-13830: Add XAP_LIBRARY_PATH and XAP_LIBRARY_PATH_EXT environment variables to override/extend java.library.path.
  • GS-13833: Add XAP_OPTIONS and XAP_OPTIONS_EXT environment variables.
  • GS-13832: Enhance 'pu run' CLI command to accept properties.
  • GS-13678: Upgrade PicoCLI to 3.9.5.
  • GS-13829: Rename mx-pmem file name parameter with pmem-path.
  • GS-13807: Reduce network traffic when the GSC connects with the GSM.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13871: Force timezone to UTC when using a Spark data source with AnalyticsXtreme
  • GS-13853: The os_cpu_used-percent operating system metric reported the wrong values.
  • GS-13842: Support reading DataFrame of a POJO with an enum field.
  • GS-13828: Processing Unit stays in COMPROMISED state after network disruption, due to failure of the GSC to register with the GSM.
  • GS-13831: Command line generator does not quote the path if it contains space characters.

Known Issues

For client version 14.0 or older, there is a possibility that the redo log will be corrupted and not available for system recovery.

This can only happen if all of the following conditions are true:

  • The client system is version 14.0 or older

  • AND the server-side system is a later release of 14.2 or higher

  • AND the old client did a Change operation.

  • AND the redo log exceeds RAM capacity and goes to the hard drive,.

The complete list of changes is also available in Jira.